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Should Infants and Toddlers Wear Goggles When They’re Learning to Swim?

Summer is the most frequent time when youngsters learn to swim.

When parents and children are considering
Swim Lessons For Kids
, a key question

is always whether your child should wear goggles when he or she is learning to swim.

“Goggles are not needed for children when they’re learning to swim,” Brett Callan, facilities manager at Murray Callan Swim School in Carlsbad/San Marcos says.


“The biggest reason why goggles aren’t needed is simple,” Callan said.

“Should a child accidentally fall in a pool, he or she probably won’t be wearing goggles. We don’t want them to rely on goggles as something they need in order to swim successfully and efficiently, when in fact, they don’t. Much like flotation devices, goggles create a ‘crutch’ that kids won’t have when faced with impromptu survival.

By learning to swim in our professional setting, we give kids the ability to overcome situations they may encounter in an emergency.”

Murray Callan Swim Schools have been teaching to swim the ‘Hall of Fame’ way for three generations. Founder Murray Callan was elected to the USSSA Hall of Fame for his decades of service in teaching children to swim in a natural, efficient and enjoyable way.

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